My principal scientifc interest is in the study of coronal mass ejections (solar storms) and their interaction with Earth for the purposes of space weather studies. I work extensively with the STEREO mission to drive new understandings into the evolutionary effects of CMEs.

I am recently focusing more towards the Research to Operations (R2O) segments of space weather forecasting and am developing further a new tool to predict the Bz inside CMEs (i.e., forecasting the magnetic vectors). I do this through contracts with UMBC and collaborating closely with collegues at JHU/APL.


  • Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs)
  • Solar Storms
  • Space Weather
  • Geomagnetically induced Currents
  • Data analytics
  • Weather Forecasting assimilation techniques
Current Projects
  • In Situ analysis of ICMEs, and simple Flux Rope modelling.
  • Remote observations with Heliospheric Imager (HI) onboard STEREO spacecraft.
  • Full 3-D MHD simulations of the heliosphere along the Earth-Sun line
  • Deformation of CMEs by ambient structured solar wind
  • Evolution of the CME morphology through the inner Heliosphere


Press Publications
Important Media
Solar Image
New solar storm forecasting technique breaks the 24-hour warning barrier for Earth

Solar storms start their lives as violent explosions from the sun’s surface. They’re made up of energetic charged particles wrapped in a complex magnetic cloud... Read More

Written by Dr. Neel Savani

Improved Solar Storm Tracking Lengthens Prep Time for Tech Disruption

We currently have a maximum of about 60 minutes to prepare for tech disruptions on Earth due to coronal mass ejections from the sun, but an improved forecasting system could lengthen that lead time by hours. Maria Temming reports Listen to the 60 second science

Produced by Maria Temming


Imperial College, London, UK

Ph.D. Space Physics
Oct 2007 - Oct 2010

Imperial College, London, UK

Physics Masters (MSci)

First Class Hons

Oct 2002 - Jun 2006

Lancing College, E. Sussex, UK

4 * A’s @ A-Levels: Physics; Chemistry; Maths; F. Maths

Oct 1996 - Jun 2001

Awards & Certifications